New African Soccer has announced a bigger than usual shortlist for the September edition of the English Premier League’s African Player of the Month. According to a statement released by ‘Tunde Adelakun - CEO and Awards Director, this was due to the continued stunning performances by Africans in the League in the month of September.

Pretty sure I am not the only one who was intrigued, and even disturbed at the turn of events in FIFA again, in the last week. Should it have come as a surprise?

These are very hard times for sport in general, worldwide. The entire world has been riddled with one scandal or the other, over the years. And it seems to be getting worse.

Ghana’s Andre Ayew, who plays for Swansea City FC, has been named African Player of the Month of August in the English Premier League.

and feeling good about the result

Sierra Leone has been in the spotlight for many reasons over the past few years. The nation acclaimed to be the entry point for the liberation of slaves in the eighteenth century has had its fair share of negative publicity.

The New African Soccer-organised African Player of the Month award programme in the English Premier League returns after the summer break. And according to Awards Director and CEO of the outfit ‘Tunde Adelakun, it has returned with a bang.



This season, so far, 45 African players are registered to feature in the English Premier League. The New African Soccer awards are here again, and we thought to give you a guide to all the African players we will be looking at, and which we will want all readers to keep an eye on, week in week out.