I've chosen an appropriate day to put this out, given the name of my subject of discourse today.

Two weeks ago in Vancouver, while enjoying the final of the Women's World Cup, I met with the man I love to call my friend and boss - Nigeria Football Federation President Amaju Melvin Pinnick.

I never knew Grace Akujobi personally. But one, she was a journalist, which makes her one of my own. Secondly, her passing was just sad, to say the least.


Attending the Symposium on women’s football organised by FIFA in Vancouver, Canada, as part of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, and hearing lots of presentations and interventions by speakers who extol the virtues of the woman, and the need for the world to pay more attention to the women’s game.


There is a very famous quote from the person who, until Lionel Messi, was undoubtedly the world’s greatest and best footballer to live – Pele (now he hasn’t exactly lost that title, but that wizard from Argentina is pushing him, and to some, has overtaken him! Still, debatable….and a topic for another conversation).

Hello all. When you see what my subject of this week is, you might find it at odds with what you all know, and what has been published as what I stand for – the growth, development and celebration of all things African football.


African football specialist Tunde Adelakun has expressed surprise at the seeming exclusion of Michael Emenalo from notable achievers of African football.

Chelsea’s Ivorian legend Didier Drogba has been named the winner of the English Premier League African Player of the Month of April.