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2008.10.23 12:59:13
Jake Brown

On this week's round up we look at some of the action from the final round of games in the second phase of qualifying for the Nations Cup and World Cup, Wigan's Amr Zaki scores an anbsolute cracker against high-flying Liverpool, and Seb Blatter discusses South Africa's preperations for the World Cup



President of FIFA, Seb Blatter, talks to CNN about South Africa's prepartions for the 2010 World Cup.



The Wigan new boy is fast making a name for himself in England and goals like this one against Liverpool are the reason why. With 7 goals in 8 games Zaki tops the scoring charts in the English Premier League and with the big boys sniffing around it looks unlikely that Steve Bruce wil be able to hold on to him for very long. 


ROAD TO 2010




The second phase of qualifying for the 2010 African Nations Cup and the World Cup is done and dusted. Ghana, Nigeria and Morrocco all progressed to the next qualifying phase with comfortable victories, highlights above...


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